12 December 2010

Instructions for life.

The other day, my good friend, Westin, sent me some Instructions for Life that one of his professors had written out and it got me thinking about the instructions that guide my life. Every person has different standards and ways of thinking, so I thought I'd share some of the things I've come up with for my own life.

1. Listen to your instincts, it's God talking to you for a split second.
2. Travel!
3. Be good to all you meet; Karma exists.
4. Take responsibility for your actions.
5. Smile!
6. Laugh often.
7. Exercise and eat your vegetables...take care of your body... it carries your most precious possession, your soul.
8. When in doubt, pray. When confident, pray.
9. You are not the center of the Universe.
10. Every accomplishment is a victory.
11. Do what (and who!) you love.
12. Constantly learn new things; knowledge is power.
13. Be a good listener, cause everyone likes a chance to talk.
14. En boca cerrada, no entran moscas. (Silence is golden.)
15. Have something to believe in; if you don't think there is anything, you're forgetting yourself.
16. We all have to go through bad times to appreciate the good ones.
17. You are never done creating yourself.
18. Missing someone or something is good, be grateful you have things great enough to miss.
19. Mind your own business.
20. People need understanding. Understanding that mistakes are made, not trusting they won't be.
21. Live life as the pursuit of happiness.

Who knows if I actually follow all those all of the time, but they are things I aspire to achieve!
What would your instructions be?

Paz y amore.

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