17 July 2008

When life is normal

Life feels normal, and at the same time everything but. normal. Since I'm not at the ranch anymore, I decided that that I would give the keys to the Blazer back to my brother and now I'm bike powered. The possibilities of my car getting fixed are slim to almost definitely none, so now I'm looking into donating it. Riding my bike has been great so far, at first I was worried that I would find it hassle-some, but in reality, at times its faster than driving. :) Plus, it's always good to stretch the legs a bit.
College and it's financial matters are going well, somehow I keep getting grants without even trying! It's a glorious thing and my patience and trust have paid off. Lets hope it's a lesson learned! The wonderful thing is that I might even have money left in my savings after I pay for the rest of tuition and expenses. I don't think I could ask for more; being able to start saving for next year early would help tremendously in the long run!
And friends are wonderful. The power of friendship can never be underestimated. I find it amazing that talking to a dear friend for even an hour can raise my spirits and put a smile back on my face. Maybe I just have some great friends, but I know that they are good for my heart and soul. Not to mention my abs with all the laughter that goes on! Bless their hearts!


08 July 2008

Time for Le Tour

Everything I Know About Boys, I Learned From A Dog Named Murphy.

What they are:

Who they want to be:
A hero
A protector
A leader
A savior
A bad-boy
A child
A heartthrob
A millionaire

How they act:
Like they can’t hear you.
Like they own everything.
Like everything they do is a success.
Like food is always on their mind.
Like girls are a tie with food.

What they like:
A chase
A backrub

03 July 2008

Ranchers Reserve

Looks like my stay at the "Summer Home" has been extended. In fact, this place will be my home for the rest of the summer. My boss got some horrible news a week ago; her best friend was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and only has two weeks to two months to live. So my boss will be trying to spend as much time as she can with her this summer and I will do my part by staying with the dogs. Its almost been three weeks out here and everyday seems the same, but different. I wake up to the same hairy faces at the same unreasonable hour and we walk the same routes. The dogs eat the same food at the same time as the day before. But I find solace in the changes of the sunrise and the different flowers I see bloom. Changes in the winds and the patterns of the lakes. Nature brings a constant aire of change and rejuvenation. I want to leave you with some pictures of my summer home landscape and a few of our coyote "friend" (he's hard to see, but he's in the last three).