20 August 2008

Farm life

I love my job. I think most people would think I'm strange, but I love working on the farm. I'm constantly moving doing physical labor and making use of the greatest tool ever made. It's rewarding too, when I get paid I always feel I've earned it. Plus, there's great company, Ann is the most amazing person I've ever met. She's become a huge part of my life these past two years. She's even become more than a friend, it's like she's family, an adopted grandma. She has a heart as big as a whale and the way she loves people is such an inspiration. Shes's a giver and a generous one at that!
Some of her stories are incredible, it makes me feel like my life is so simple because her's put her through so much. She's like a knowledge box with never-ending contents. She's given me some of the most valuable advice. Friday is my last day of work, it's going to be hard saying good-bye to our daily conversations about life; politics; and random happenings. I've learned a lot from her and her endless supply of knowledge. When I'm her age, I hope I can be as wise and all-encompassing as her.

For right now, I only know that I don't belong at a desk job.


03 August 2008

Expression left unexpressed

August is finally upon us and it brings with it some strange emotions. I'm really starting to look forward to school, it's going to fun to get away. As usual, I surprise myself by actually being ready to start classes again, who knows why I look forward to it. It will be great to meet new people and get to do lots of outdoorsy stuff in Durango! Once again, it will be hard to leave everyone and go our separate ways across the country, but I feel like I'm gradually being prepared for the time when it comes. I have faith that distance will not ruin relationships. It does feel strange that I only have two more weekends to spend with all of my friends in town, and then they are gone. Gone. That's sounds bad, like I will never see them again...not true.
I really want to write, but I don't have much to talk about, or rather that I want to talk about. For me: to write is to express. Blogging is hard for me at times cause I want to say things and get them out of my mind, but some topics are better left un-talked about.