20 August 2008

Farm life

I love my job. I think most people would think I'm strange, but I love working on the farm. I'm constantly moving doing physical labor and making use of the greatest tool ever made. It's rewarding too, when I get paid I always feel I've earned it. Plus, there's great company, Ann is the most amazing person I've ever met. She's become a huge part of my life these past two years. She's even become more than a friend, it's like she's family, an adopted grandma. She has a heart as big as a whale and the way she loves people is such an inspiration. Shes's a giver and a generous one at that!
Some of her stories are incredible, it makes me feel like my life is so simple because her's put her through so much. She's like a knowledge box with never-ending contents. She's given me some of the most valuable advice. Friday is my last day of work, it's going to be hard saying good-bye to our daily conversations about life; politics; and random happenings. I've learned a lot from her and her endless supply of knowledge. When I'm her age, I hope I can be as wise and all-encompassing as her.

For right now, I only know that I don't belong at a desk job.


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