07 April 2010


Even though I should be finishing my reading for class later today, I feel that a blog is past due and plus it's far more interesting. The past week has been eventful and fun, my two best friends came to visit in the same week! Talk about hectic, but more than worth it.
So Angela came to Durango for her first time last Wednesday through Saturday. The weather wasn't the best while she was here, kinda cold and very windy, so we didn't really do many outdoor activities. We had a fun night at Megan's house for a craft night and made pictures for a school presentation, played pool with some bros, relaxed, did some homework and played cards...just to name a short list. I know it was a great time for me to have her here to meet all of my friends and see the place I live in the majority of the year. It's so great that I was able to visit her in Califas and then she was able to come and visit me so soon afterward!
Then Hannah was here from Sunday night until yesterday afternoon, a very short trip, but I know it was worth it for me to have her here! Since she's visited here before (you can find out about the trip at her blog here: http://talesfromatimeout.blogspot.com/2010/03/adventures-of-hannah-world-traveler.html) we went to restaurants she remembered and just had chill girly time, always a necessity.
These weeks have been pretty hectic with school and all, but it's so worth putting homework on the back burner for a few days to enjoy the company of people you love. I mean if they are gonna make the effort and take the time to come and visit me all the way down here in the mountains, I certainly want them to have a good time and feel the trip was meaningful.
So thanks girls for making my week so great! I love you and I miss you both already! Nos veremos en el verano.

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Hannah said...

You're welcome!! Miss you already. I wish I could like this like on Facebook.