26 March 2010

Bipolar Colorado

As disappointed to see that it was snowing like the sky was falling when I got out of the gym today, I was also so amazed by the beauty of a spring snow storm. Humongous, sloppy snow flakes circled around me as I walked to my car and I'm pretty sure I looked like a snowman by the time I got there. Colorado really is splendid in the spring time, one day it's practically summer out and people wear shorts and flip-flops then the next day we have a blizzard and you need a winter coat again. When I heard it was gonna snow I thought I would be swearing and having a hissy fit, but it has turned into a good reason to be productive and get homework done.
I would just like to take a moment to make a note to the citizens of Durango and especially the driver of a large gray van: just because it's snowing doesn't necessitate you riding your brakes because in fact, when it's 40 degrees and snowing, the roads are just wet, not icy. Thank you for your cooperation.

The most prevalent thing in my life lately has been stress. What's new. But I actually had a really great week as far as school goes, I was not a procrastinator for once. Unfortunately, I spent all my time on schoolwork and not on things that I love, like my new hobby of cooking. Living on my own has really improved my culinary skills and my imagination for that matter. I'm subscribed to some cooking blogs and the options for food really are endless, I love it! When I say cooking, I mean real cooking like things for meals, not baking cookies and such...which I do a little of, tonight I am actually making some Ferrero Rocher cupcakes for a friend's birthday...but I find great satisfaction in preparing new and wonderful dishes for dinner. I think that's why I like cooking so much, it's satisfying to know that you have made something beautiful and delicious (when they turn out that way, that is) for others and yourself to enjoy. Plus, it's fun to try out new things and see what goes well together.

Homework calls. More to come later.

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Hannah said...

Did you make the Ferrero Rocher cupcakes? From Lick the Bowl Good, right?