09 May 2010

A temporary, long-time goodbye

Right now, the Animas is starting to run high with muddy water. The sun is fading behind the western hills of Durango and everything has a red-golden hue glistening on top of it. The trees are budding and starting to become green again; some have flowers, getting ready to bear ripe fruit. The streets are busy with people on bikes and scooters or on foot, heading downtown to enjoy a beer at one of the bars. Everyone seems happy and friendly, the sun brings smiles to past frozen faces.
This is the scene I will miss so much.
I left Durango today for almost 15 months and it has been difficult already.
This past semester was by far the hardest I have faced so far in school and I didn't do quite as well as I had hoped, but now I'm done...and it feels good. I decided to stay an extra week in Durango so I could relax for a few days and have more time to get things done before returning to the real world. Holy crap, what a good choice! Not having any responsibilities felt amazing! Staying out late, sleeping in, having time to myself, riding my bike, seeing friends. It was great to be able to spend time with people that I won't get to see again for a really long time and in some cases never again...just thinking about that breaks my heart.
I'm really gonna miss being able to ride my bike on the streets and not be constantly worried of getting run over, the river trail, my camera...whoever took it from Pongas, shame on you!... having my own apartment, the friendly community, but most of all, my friends who have become like a second family to me.
So I want to give a farewell to the city and people of Durango...you know who you are. You've made this past year and especially this past semester SO enjoyable. All of the jokes and laughs and crazy things we did together, I owe all those memories to you. You mean the world to me and just know that I will always remember the good times, no matter how long we are apart. You've made Durango the wonderful, enchanting town it is to me. I'm blessed to have every one of you in my life and even if our paths never cross again, it was a good run while it lasted.
I love you all. Saying goodbye was really hard for me, it always is when I'm saying goodbye to people I love and care about, people who mean the world to me.
So thank you all!

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