17 May 2010

Spain is real

Well, yesterday I officially bought my plane ticket to Spain!! September 14th is when I will embark on my long journey. I leave around 10:50 am Colorado time and don't arrive in Madrid until 9:55 am their time! Really the entire travel time is around 11 hours without the time change, but it's still gonna be a long day.
I'm getting pretty anxious to leave the country, all of my plans are finally becoming real and this long limbo period is hard already... and I've only been home for a week! I still have a lot of things to get figured out before I go, so this time is much needed even if not much wanted. Before I go, I still need to apply and recieve my visa to study in Spain which requires a trip to L.A., California for me. The visa process for Spain is more complicated than other countries and I have to apply in person at the Consulate General, to verify that I'm a worthy citizen or something. So, besides the trip kinda being a money waster...just because I'd like to have as much saved as possible for Spanish adventures!...it will be fun to get out of Colorado, even if it's just for a few days. My friend Hannah and I might road trip to Califas or my mom and I might fly out there; plans are still undecided. I technically have to still make an appointment with the Consulate and then I will be able to make plans for certain.
Other than that, summer is just going and it sure hasn't felt like summer yet with the strange, cold, rainy weather. Everything is getting put into place though, since I moved back home, literally and figuratively. I'm back working at the "farm" for Ann and also at Steve's office, both part time - which doesn't always transfer to full time. I have more free space in my days than I would like right now, but it leaves time for good bike rides and workouts as well as play time with friends.

Chao for now!


Hannah said...

Start getting used to saying "Adios for now!" silly. Spain, not Italy.

RONI YAGER said...

They say "chao" in Spain, it's the Spanish way to say "ciao"...spelling my friend.