26 September 2010


Not much to report from over the weekend, it's been a few lazy days. Thursday night was a crazy night out and we had a lot of fun! Yesterday and today involved errands and just a lot of walking around the city to people watch and see new places. There's always stuff going on Sundays, so Elley and I went to the Plaza this afternoon and there was some kind of Renaissance festival happening with activities and lots of booths to buy things. It was interesting and even though much of the stuff was overpriced, there was lots of pretty jewelry and such that is very different than what you'd find in the States. Then we were suppose to take a tour of the old cathedral, but we got caught in a pack of people and couldn't make it to the cathedral in time for the tour. Oh well, we are gonna try again on Thursday.
Elley and I booked plane tickets to go to Barcelona on the 7th! We will go for a long weekend, the 7th-11th and I am SO excited! We have a long weekend then because of a holiday and I found some cheap tickets on Ryanair. It's already less than two weeks away!!
I don't have much else to report now. I love and miss everyone back home!!

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