20 February 2011

Just Keeps Getting Better

I can't express enough to everyone how happy I am about my change in cities! Deciding to come back to Spain and transfer to Granada was the best decision of my life! I really appreciate everyone's encouragement throughout the whole process of me being abroad...especially when I wanted to go home. I'm so glad now that I didn't go back to Colorado this semester, but I am even more glad that I am not back in the Basque Country again.
The atmosphere down here is so friendly and lively; my classes are going great and my professors are awesome! I have met some really great girlfriends too, who are really laid back and have just as much of a heart for adventure and culture as I do.
Yesterday I went on a hike with my friend, Olivia, and some of her friends and had the best day! We took the city bus out of town to this tiny suburb of Granada called Monachil; it's an adorable town at the foot of the mountains. We didn't really know where we were going, but we found this trail and followed it in a big loop. The last few days have been rainy and when we were about half way through the trail, it became incredibly muddy! The ground was clay, wet soggy clay, and it clumped on the bottom of our shoes and made it almost impossible to walk! It was pretty funny actually and we all were sliding around, almost falling in the mud. On that muddy path, we came across a wild (we're not sure how wild it actually was) boar...after seeing how it was going to react to us, we decided to just go off the path and walk around the olive orchard it was in and he didn't bother us.
It was a really great day, it was such a pretty place...reminded me of Colorado with the mountains so close and the company was so much fun! It was a great day to get out of town and do some adventuring with friends! Next weekend, Olivia and I are thinking of going to Cordoba and spending the night there, looking forward to that!



Beautiful girls (Audrey, Hannah, Lexi, Olivia)

Our muddy shoes!

This is a picture from a hill above Granada...the apple trees are blooming :)

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Hannah said...

You should put your pictures IN your writing so it breaks up your post a little bit and we know what you're referring to in your writing!