21 April 2011

Birthday birthday!

Even though I am pretty behind on my blogging, I thought I would also share about my 21st birthday that happened about two weeks ago on the 10th of April. The day before my birthday, Saturday, I hung out with my good friends, we ate brunch (Swedish pancakes made by me haha!), laid in the sun and then my friend Olivia made me a beautiful rainbow cake!

There was also a Falla that had been set up in a plaza downtown and that night they burned it...I decided they were just celebrating my birthday.

Fallas are normally burned in Valencia, Spain for the celebration of Saint Joseph, but for some reason they set one up in Granada just before the start of Holy Week and burned it on my birthday. It was really cool to see; there were fireworks going off and people dressed up in traditional clothing...great way to start off my birthday since the celebration didn't end til way past midnight.

On my actual birthday, Sunday, we went to a near-by beach called Nerja. It was a beyond gorgeous day and the perfect way to spend a birthday...doing nothing! We played in the sea, laid in the sun and just enjoyed our time relaxing.

Olivia, Kelsey, Troy and Me on the beach in Nerja getting ready to drink a Mimosa.

Olivia and Me

I didn't have the typical American 21st birthday, didn't get belligerently drunk at any point in time, but I'm perfectly okay with that. I think I probably had the coolest birthday of anyone I know...who can say they spent their 21st birthday on a beach in Spain?! Not many people. :)


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