03 April 2011

Mom's Visit: Spain

This past week I have had the wonderful blessing of my very own Mommy coming to visit me here in Granada! As I wrote before, she came with her best friend, Donna, and Donna's daughter, Cori. It was so good to see all of them and have a piece of home here in Spain!
They arrived here in Granada on Monday after a long day of travel and some frustrations, but it was so great to see their faces and luckily I was able to greet them at their hotel! We all went out for a late dinner, well at Spanish dinner time, and my friend Olivia came with us.
Tuesday, I still went to my normal classes because they are in the early morning and the three of them went to see the Alhambra. When we met up in the early afternoon, it sounded like they didn't have the best Alhambra experience for various reasons (which made me wish I had skipped class to go with them!), but they still enjoyed it. We went out for lunch by the river, at a place that looked up at the Alhambra. Then all went to the Cathedral of Granada and the Capilla Real, where Ferdinand and Isabella, "The Catholic Monarchs", are buried. The Cathedral is a great site to see and I think they were all pleased with that visit.
Then, we took a stroll and did some tourist shopping as well as got some tapas, to complete the "real" Granada experience, of course!

The next morning we headed off to Málaga for the day. Our flight on Thursday was out of the Málaga airport and in order to avoid a long bus ride first thing in the morning we decided to stay the night there instead. And what a great idea it was! We stayed at a hotel that was literally right on the beach; it was beyond amazing. We were up in the fourth floor and had an wonderful view of the Mediterranean.

We spent pretty much the whole afternoon and evening on the beach, enjoying the water, picking up tons of seashells and sea-glass and soaking up the warm Spanish sun. It was a perfect relaxing day and I'm so glad that Mom, Donna and Cori got to have at least one day of their vacation to relax and not worry about traveling and seeing sites.

We may have not done much in Málaga, but it was not a day lacking in excitement, we were all so happy to be at the beach and it was Mom's first time seeing the Mediterranean sea!
The next day we left for London in the late morning, but we did so much that I think I will save all of that for the next post. But I will leave you with a few amazing pictures of the sunrise we saw Thursday morning over the sea, it was breathtaking.


P.S.- In personal news, just a week til I'm the big 21.

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Hannah said...

Your birthday is in 2 days! Holy mother! I've been on FB for...well, since April 21. I know you sent me a message a few days ago, but I can't look at it or respond. You have my email address right?