28 June 2010

Long time, no update.

Well, I thought I'd give a quick update on what's been happening. I've been under the weather lately and I found out last week that it's because I have Mononucleosis. Awesome. Really I've felt a lot better in the past few days, but it's still an illness that stinks to have because of the fatigue and required rest. I've been trying to stay as active as possible, but my body get worn down so much faster lately. So I've just been trying to get lots of sleep and drink plenty of water, the doctor said there's not much else I can do.
On a brighter note, we leave for California in a week and a half! I'm so excited to go to the ocean and finally have the last step for Spain done. Plus, my best friend, Angela, is in L.A. for the summer and I will get to spend sometime with her while we're on the west coast. It should be a really great trip and I'm looking forward to a change of pace. It's been a slow moving summer, which has it's ups and downs. I'm ready to be on the next step of my journey and go to EspaƱa, but only 86 days until I board the plane!
Hasta luego!

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