03 August 2010

Yay August!!

Wow, July literally flew by and I couldn't be happier! That sounds really bad, but I'm now down to just 6 weeks until I leave for Spain. I'm so ready for my grand adventure to begin!

July really didn't consist of much in the middle, but right after the 4th we traveled to California for my visa and it was a really nice trip. We got to see the ocean, but didn't spend much time out on the beach cause it was actually pretty cold the weekend we were there...apparently that's normal for Californian summers. I got to spend some time with my best friend, Angela, who is living in L.A. this summer, which was probably the highlight of the trip, for me. And most importantly, I sat in the Consulate for about 3 hours in order to apply for my visa...and yes it was as bad and boring as it sounds. But now that stress is over...

I still haven't received my visa yet, because I still need to send in my FBI background check, which I'm still waiting to get back from the Secretary of State to get certified. Such long processes!! It will be a relief to have my visa and know that I can actually live in Spain for 10 months...legally.

I will find out about my housing in Spain sometime this week, so that is exciting! Right now, all I know is that I will be living in a "dorm-like" flat where I will share a kitchen with an adjoining room. I really hope my "roommate" speaks Spanish and/or is from Spain, I don't want to have to speak English to anyone!

I signed up for a madrinos/padrinos program (godmother/godfather) that the school coordinates for exchange students and pairs them with a local student. I hope the person I'm partnered with will be helpful, have good advice and most of all, fun!

In news not concerning Spain, I got my wisdom teeth taken out 3 days ago. It really was not as bad as I was expecting. I'm not in a whole lot of pain and wasn't for most of the weekend. The worst part is really just the discomfort of the swelling. Mom says I don't look so bad, but my face feels like a balloon and I definitely don't feel like going on any hott dates. I still can't eat many solid foods, just because it hurts to chew and I can't open my mouth very wide, thanks to the swelling. I can't wait to eat a big juicy hamburger!
In three weeks, I'm going down to Durango to have a week of vacation and fun with friends. I'm very excited and glad I get a chance to say good-bye to all my Durango friends before I leave for Spain.

I will update with my housing arrangements soon.

Hasta entonces!

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