29 November 2010

Falta un mes

Saturday, Elley and I went to the art museum here in Vitoria and it was...interesting. The theme for the art right now is fears and some of the art was very strange. Honestly, neither of us really enjoyed it, there were a few pieces of art that we liked and thought were interesting, but mostly it was kind of a disturbing experience. It is free for students though, we just got to donate however much we wanted to the museum instead of paying an entrance fee, so that was nice. Hopefully the exhibit will change sometime next semester and Elley can take the other American girl who is coming here to something more pleasurable.

Sunday night there was a girls night for the Erasmus girls; we went bowling. It was pretty fun and quite a few girls came! It was a good opportunity to practice names, because we have such a hard time with names here...and nice to have a less chaotic setting than a party to get to know some other girls. All of the other foreigners are really nice; they really like hearing how America is different than Europe and what our experience here is like.

Other than that, I just finished a book that Elley gave me, she bought it in London. It's called The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon and it was a really cool read! It's written from the first person perspective of an autistic boy in his early teens and he tells a story of a certain time in his life. It's not a true story, which is part of what makes it fascinating because the author did a phenomenal job of replicating, what I suppose, an autistic child's mind would be like. It was very intriguing and although it's not the most gripping novel I've ever read, the rarity of it kept me pretty interested. I would recommend it for sure!

Well, Elley and I are on our way to Granada and Sevilla on Thursday for a week, so I'm sure I will have a lot to write after that!
Oh and today marks my last month in Europe! It's all coming to a close now and after we get back from Granada I will need to start studying for my exams and get serious about finding a place to live for next semester! :)


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