08 November 2010

New Saturday Tradition.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a very good American-type day! Elley and I slept in and woke up to make the most glorious breakfast known to the country of Spain...french toast, scrambled eggs and country potatoes. Mmmmmmm, it was wonderful and we gorged ourselves like good American girls would. :)
After a little bit of resting, we decided to conquer one of the hills just outside of town that has a cross on top. Come to find out, there is a greenway path that goes right to it and will hopefully become a great place to go run. The hike was a little harder than we expected and then we both felt lame for having adapted to the low altitude; we can no longer boast about our powerful Colorado lungs. It was a good trip, we both spent some time at the top just reflecting and looking over the city. It was a shame that it was a cloudy/foggy day because the view from up there is phenomenal and so expansive, but we enjoyed it none the less.
There's not a whole lot that's new going on here, but Elley and I are making plans to go to Granada at the beginning of next month. We get three days off school for some catholic holiday and we want to go south for a bit. Should be fun, I really want to see Granada and the historical sites there. I guess I will have that to tell about when it comes, for now....

Hasta luego!

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