14 March 2010

20 five

I wrote this last year as a facebook thing that a lot of people did, but I found it very lovely and fitting when I read it again today. It's amazing how a year can change so many things and at the same time everything about a person can stay the same.

1) I'm an animal lover, not to an extreme, but they steal my heart more than anything else.
2) Coffee has become an addiction. Not for the caffeine, but for the wonderful taste.
3) I am fascinated by random things such as firetrucks and decorative postage stamps.
4) Winter is my favorite time of year. I love snow.
5) Snail mail makes my day better, getting a handwritten letter from someone always puts a smile on my face.
6) I don't know where I would be without my girlfriends, they make all the difference.
7) I'm excited to have my own family when I'm older, being a mom is my dream job.
8) I want to go into outer-space.
9) I'm coldblooded. Literally, I'm always freezing.
10) I have a love for languages and cultures.
11) I will travel the entire world in my life.
12) I'm a cuddler.
13) The Lord is my Shepard.
14) Writing is the most therapeutic thing for me, any time something is bothering me I write about it.
15) I like being barefoot.
16) The mountains are my home, I belong in a place with mountains.
17) I love adventurous, outdoorsy things. They make me feel rugged.
18) I'm addicted to working out, otherwise I can't sleep.
19) I'm glad to be friends with my family and family to my friends.
20) I have an organized mind, everything has its own folder in a department inside of a topic, but my life is unorganized and messy.
21) I know what I want in my life, but I don't know how I will get there and that's beautiful to me.
22) I love the sound of silence.
23) I'm kinda an anime nerd...but you're not suppose to know that.
24) I want to go on a quest, just because it sounds so badass.
25) North Side Middle Gate, that's where I'll be.

The only correction to be made is #4. Winter is no longer my favorite. haha I still love snow and I do enjoy winter, but I've been missing the sun and warm weather a lot this year.
Well now you know a bit more about me.

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