18 March 2010


1.) Why does a girl wearing a dress immediately elicit stares from every guy she passes?
Maybe a funny question, but really? Today, I didn't have time for makeup or to do anything with my hair, so I looked like a total mess, except that I was wearing a dress and nice shoes and let me tell ya, I got SO many smiles and checked out by SO many guys around campus today. What's the deal? Man, if all it takes is a dress, then I'm gonna forget the rest of it and just live in dresses from now on!
2.) So on the topic of wearing a dress today, an acquaintance of mine told me today that I've been dressing really nicely lately and was wondering if there was a reason for the change... Thanks, I know that I have had some not so fashionable days, but you didn't really need to point that out... But there actually is some validity behind the question. This semester has been really hard for me academically and it's very easy for me to stress about school matters and think ahead of myself and get freaked out that I have too much to do and too little time. So in my moments of stress, I like to dress nicely and give a more "tidy" than normal appearance because if I'm stressed and freaking out and worried about everything going on, I want the last thing that I worry about to be if I'm looking attractive or not. It's super easy for me to be anxious and forget about looking good and then I just feel even worse cause in my haste and lack of sleep I've failed to make myself look like a presentable member of society. I find it really helps my confidence in school (and in general!) and helps me to alleviate some preoccupations if I look good and know that I took the extra 10 mins to make sure that I do. And really that's all it takes, 10 minutes! Changing from sweats to a dress is so easy to do and it's an amazing confidence booster, reason number 4 to wear dresses.


Hannah said...

What are the first three? P.S. You better dress nicely when I'm there.

RONI YAGER said...

Well first and foremost, I wear dresses cause it means I don't have to put together a matching outfit. Number two would be the fast and easy explanation and three is the fact at guys even venture to look in my direction.

Hannah said...