10 June 2008


Last week I got my cartilage pierced with an industrial bar and my mom hates it. The day I got it done she didn't talk to me. Besides her acting childish about it, she has all of a sudden been acting really unfriendly and distant, not at all normal for my mom.
I had an interesting and eye-opening conversation with my friend/mentor/boss, Ann. When I explained my mom's change she wasn't surprised at all and told me a story about some struggles that she had with her mom way back in the day. She reassured me that my mom is just having a hard time with the fact that I'm leaving for college and this act of "disobeying" just forced her to accept that.
I've always been the most independent of us kids, I think sometimes that's hard for my mom because I'm also her baby and only girl and she wants me close. It's hard for me to see my mom act this way though, especially knowing I'm the cause. We've always been tight, I'm lucky for that. But as I start a new transition, it changes the relationship we've always had...I hope it makes it even stronger.


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