08 June 2008


Recently, I was introduced to the TV show "Freaks and Geeks". It was a show that aired in 1999 and only had one season. Really, the show is the best thing ever, I think it just came too early to truly be appreciated. Anyway, the show is about these high school kids, the freaks and geeks as you could have guessed, and their daily lives. It is so easy to get wrapped up in these fictional kids lives (especially w/o commercials) and want to act like their conscience or step in to help with their problems. It's so easy to judge from the outside, to be able to apprehend the bad stuff. It makes me wonder if I was in a TV show and people watched what I did and said...what would they warn me about or urge me to do? And on what standards would they make judgments? Really I have a lot of people to be considered outsiders, but rarely do I see one of them shaking a button-box at me telling me that Daniel is a bad guy and he's just using his bedroom eyes to manipulate me. The influence of my friends and family is subtle, I guess because I've gotten used to it, but it's the reason for who I am. I don't often think about the minute decisions that I make so quickly that have a large effect on me...strange but true.
Now my head is going a million miles a second remembering many different instances of small decisions. Too easy to get sidetracked.


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