19 June 2008

Cats and Crops

I was reading the British news today and I came across an article about a new crop circle in Britain. It is the most complex crop circle in that part of the world and when it was decoded it signified the first ten digits of pi. Whoa. That's crazy. So was it made by aliens or some other intelligent form of life? Kinda strange to think about, anyway, check it out:

What I really wanted to write about was the cat that I'm taking care of out here, Bucki. He's cool. He loves attention! A good scratch on the head is what he lives for and when you stop petting him, he'll just walk away....but after a few minutes he's back. But this time its for revenge. He will latch on to your arm and bite you until you start petting him again. It's playful and adorable. He looks innocent and sweet but its soon discovered that he's crazy.
There are three other cats but I'm not responsible for them...they eat the mice in the barns...theoretically. Really they're just lazy and the barn manager feeds them. Here's Bucki:

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