22 June 2008

Time to Think

This week I have had some good time to think, being alone will do that to a person. It's lonely out here and the fact that it's unfamiliar makes it harder. I love the dogs but there is a certain unconditional love that comes with owning your own pet. Picking up after a dog has left a surprise in the house seems easier when the animal is yours. I guess that's how parents feel about their kids, just a million times more.
I've been thinking a lot about college and how much my life is going to change. It's strange cause up until this summer I couldn't wait to get away and leaving "L-town" seemed like it couldn't come sooner. But I have so many memories here. Now that it's finally time to accept that I'll be leaving, it's a lot harder than before. That doesn't make up for how lame it can be but to think that after college I might not live here anymore, it's weird. I've lived in the same town, in the same house, for 18 years.
I know billions of people have gone to college before me and been fine, but the more it's on my mind the larger than life it feels. I know I'll leave and it will be hard at first, but I'll overcome and everything will turn out okay. There's just a part in the back of my head that fears the hardship and keeps me wondering if I will always struggle with separation. From every difficulty an opportunity can arise. Although I don't yet know what opportunities I will come across, I am hopeful that if I listen, my prayers will be answered and a beautiful life will unfold in my path.

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Elle Escobar said...

You're right, everything will be more than fine!