17 June 2008

Dias de los perros

Hoy en dia, he sido cuidado los perros de mi jefe. My boss is moving to Texas soon, so she left me in charge of her house and dogs for a week and a half so she could get some things straightened out. I've been here a few days and I wish it was over already. I'm too far out of town to leave a lot and she wants me here as much as possible to keep an eye on the dogs. She's kinda a strange lady and her house is creepy. But the dogs are great...at times... and the surroundings are beautiful. The dogs are a pack of rascals, four big sweethearts. I can't help but love 'em and even when their hunting instincts get the best of them I can't scold for too long. Anyway, I'll introduce you...

Murphy is the only male of the group and he seems to be a leader. He's very independent and acts just like a teenage boy. He's a big hunter and thinks he's pretty crafty about chasing down animals. But Murphy is a big baby and would do anything to get a tummy rub.

Katie is the least likely to chase an animal, but she will chase her toys.She's the oldest and has a minor case of arthritis. She loves the water and would swim to get a toy all day...until she passed out. She's a lover and the alpha female. She loves attention and is loyal to the hand that throws the toy.

Abby: High energy. High Metabolism. Rambunctious. A born runner. She's the smallest of the pack but she makes up for it with her speed and endurance. None of the others can ever keep up with Abby cause she just keeps on going. Like the energizer bunny. She loves water too, not as much as Katie, but she would just like to swim around and watch the others play. She loves to lick faces.

Maggie is a sweetheart, she's independent, but she knows who to suck up to. She's a hunter and is very patient about it. She will sit under a tree for an hour waiting for a squirrel to come out of its hole. She's the only one who won't play in the water, might get her feet wet but that's as far a she goes. She seems to be the most responsible one of the dogs and has the most privileges. She's a wanderer but is always back in time for food.

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