16 June 2008

Stress related questions

Anxiety. I can't help that it eats away at me, from the inside out. I don't like stress, especially in the summer. I should be free sailing and loving every bit of life. But responsibility is a killer. Why does everything have to matter so much?! Can't I just forget for one day?
This move is gonna be harder than I'd imagined. I'm gonna miss my family...my mom especially... my friends and my dog, Sparky. Mom says he's gonna die of a broken heart once I'm gone....it breaks my heart to know that it could be true.
What's the deal with this "money", "ecomonics", and "gas prices". Psh, why does it have to rule our lives? I wish it was as easy as putting those terms is quotations and suddenly make them unimportant.
And boys. Who are they anyway?! Gosh I wish someone could answer that question for me!! Hormones suck. the end.
Why do some people have to treat teenagers so unfairly, as if we have no concept of respondsibility or or importance? I feel competent, not as much as someone twice my age or anything, but I have people to testify that I can hold my own. Maybe some people are just stubborn...or have a stick up their butt...or both.
In any case, I've been doing my best to trust in a Greater plan, but I have seem to have control issues. Giving things up was so much easier even 4 years ago, my how things change.

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