05 June 2008

Rainy Day

I've been pondering the best way to make this blog unique and creative but haven't had any brilliant ideas or original thoughts on the subject. I guess I'll settle for being average and just write.

So I'm sitting here in my new rain boots, trying to decide if they are really comfortable or not. I don't really know what rain boots are suppose to feel like on my feet and the rubbery-ness is kinda throwing me off. But the rain is another story, it's so simple and natural.
My favorite kind of weather...
in certain allotted amounts.
Cleansing, liberating, serene. Although, it does prevent me from going on bike rides (safely) and scares my friends out of frisbee or a walk around the lake.
Never the less, its a good time to sit in a coffee shop and people watch or snuggle with a blanket and read an enrapturing book.
Or run around and dance in the rain like a child...which probably sounds the most appealing.
Being a fresh high school graduate, I suddenly feel the need to be a kid again. To remind myself of the wonder years, of Wonderbread and wonderment. Cause growing up is scary. I can't wait to get away but there are just some things that tug on my heartstrings and hold me back ever so slightly.
*sigh* I think that dance and then blanket are calling me. :)


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